Object - for the walls -
This work is wall a sculpture made by the combining of kanshitsu parts. The base shapes are made of kanshitsu and the surface decoration is textured with urushi undercoating paste with tinted silver foil (銀箔), tin and gold powder. All my works are about the possibilities of kanshitsu, the freedom, lightness, and potential of the material.

Object - bamboo work -
These are coiled shape works. A special bamboo from Myanmar is used because of the extraordinarily long distance between the knots. A model using thin tape is first made. The bamboo is split into long thin strips. Using the strips, a frame is made that becomes the outside of the coil. Through the cut surface and overlapping bamboo strips, the vitality and momentum can be felt.

Object - kanshitsu -
Because of its ability to be shaped into almost any form and its lightness, kanshitsu allows me to expand the potential of urushi art. These works are from 1994-2000.

photos: Asano Hiroyoshi, Onuma Wataru and Sakurako Matsushim