Body Ornament

Body Ornament 2000 ~ 2014
.Kanshitsu is an excellent medium for jewellery as it can be formed into any shape and is very light and that by creatively using metal powder and leaf, shell inlay, and colour, the decorative possibilities where almost limitless.

001-1 のコピー.jpgunder currents, Gallery Kunugi, 20090002.jpgunder currents, Gallery Kunugi, 2009, public collection: Minneapolis Institute of ArtsDSC_2033.jpgundercurrents, 2010, Fukushima Prefectural MuseumDSC_2099.jpgundercurrents, 2010, Fukushima Prefectural MuseumDSC_2077.jpgundercurrents, 2010, Fukushima Prefectural MuseumDSC_0345.JPGundercurrents, 2005
DSC_6165.jpgapsara, Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Art, 2013DSC_6182.JPGapsara, Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Art, 2013sakurako_06_2.jpgundercurrents, 2005, Kanagawa Prefectural Hallsakurako_04明_2.jpgundercurrents, 2005, Kanagawa Prefectural Hallsakurako_01明_2.jpgundercurrents, 2005, Kanagawa Prefectural HallDSC_2128-2.psdundercurrents, 2010, Fukushima Prefectural Museum
DSC_2179-2.psdundercurrents, 2010, Fukushima Prefectural MuseumDSC_2194-2.psdundercurrents, 2005DSC_2207-2.psdundercurrents, 2005DSC_2254.psdundercurrents, 2010, Fukushima Prefectural MuseumDSC_3476.JPGundercurrents, 2005DSC_3472.jpgundercurrents, 2005
DSC_3576_2.JPGundercurrents, broochP1020239.JPGunder currents, Gallery Kunugi, 2009P1020352.JPGunder currents, Gallery Kunugi, 2009IMG_1218.jpg2014, Gallery in the blue P1020730.JPGunder currents, Silver Shell, 2009P1020170.JPGunder currents, Gallery Kunugi, 2009
P1020362.jpgunder currents, Gallery Kunugi, 2009P1040249.jpgExhibition, Utsunomiya University, 2010P1110275.JPG2013, URUSHI Exhibition - Looking toward Tradition and Future , Hishio – Centre for Cultural Exchange, OkayamaIMG_0855.jpg2013, Tochigi Prefectural IMG_0849.jpg2013, Tochigi Prefectural IMG_0848_2.JPG2013, Tochigi Prefectural Museum

photos: Asano Hiroyoshi, Noboru Takahashi, Sakurako Matsushima

Body Ornament - leaves -
Virtually all the materials I use in my works are from nature, including the urushi itself. My “leaves” work, for example, uses leaves and other natural items as a starting point. I use urushi to add expression, to ennoble the items.

DSC_6130.JPGleaves, 2013DSC_6122.JPGleaves, 2013DSC_6135.JPGleaves, 201303.jpgleaves, solo show, Galerie Pousse, 2000, Private collectionsakurako_08.jpgleaves, Kanagawa Prefectural Hall, 2005, Public collection: Hirishima City Universitysakurako_09_2.jpgleaves, Kanagawa Prefectural Hall, 2005
DSCF0309.JPGleaves, Solo show, Galerie Pousse, 2000sakurako_07.jpgcalyx, 2004DSCF0312.JPGcalyx, 2004DSCF0304.JPGnecklace, calyx, 2003DSC_2800.JPGbrooches, 2005DSC_2794.JPGbrooches, 2005

photos: Asano Hiroyoshi, Noboru Takahashi

Body Ornament 1989 ~ 2000
These are urushi body ornament work from 1989-2000. The base shapes are kanshitsu.

01-1-P.psdupper body ornament, 2000, public collection: Hiroshima City University018.jpgupper body ornament, 1995, private collection019.jpgupper body ornament, 1995015.jpgupper body ornament, 1995, private collection016.jpgupper body ornament, 1995014.jpgupper body ornament, 1995, private collection
010.psdupper body ornament, 1993017.psdupper body ornament, 1993006.psdupper body ornament, 1993, private collection026.psdupper body ornament, 1993, private collectionSakurako 003.jpgupper body ornament, 1993, private collectionSakurako 004.jpgupper body ornament, 1993
02-L.jpgupper body ornament, 1997, private collection04-L.jpgupper body ornament, 1997, public collection: Philadelphia Museum of Art024.psd1998, private collection029.psdupper body ornament, 2000028.psdupper body ornament, 2000030.psdupper body ornament, 2000, public collection:: Hiroshima City University
Ornament Circle-1.jpgcircle, 1990Ornament Circle-2.jpgcircle, 1990Ornament Circle-3.jpgcircle, 1990sakurako2.jpgupper body ornament.1989sakurako3.jpgupper body ornament.1989sakurako1.jpgupper body ornament.1989

photos: Asano Hiroyoshi

Object Work

Object - for the walls -
This work is wall a sculpture made by the combining of kanshitsu parts. The base shapes are made of kanshitsu and the surface decoration is textured with urushi undercoating paste with tinted silver foil (銀箔), tin and gold powder. All my works are about the possibilities of kanshitsu, the freedom, lightness, and potential of the material.

P1080409.JPGelements, 2012, Galerie Pousse, Public Collection: Minneapolis Institute of ArtsP1080343.JPGelements, 2012, Galerie PousseP1080347.JPGelements, 2012, Galerie PousseP1090026 - バージョン 2.jpgelements, 2012, Galerie Pousse, private collectionP1080403.jpgelements, 2012, Galerie Pousse,P1080353.jpgelements, 2012, Galerie Pousse,
P1080350.JPGelements, 2012, Galerie Pousse,P1080352.JPGelements, 2012, Galerie Pousse,P1090006 - バージョン 2.JPGelements, 2012, Galerie Pousse,P1090230.JPGResonant Uruwashi Exhibition, Kitakata City Museum, Fukushima, 2012P1110156.jpgHishio – Centre for Cultural Exchange, Okayama, 2013200-065.psd1992, Solo Exhibition, Infomuse, Tokyo
000019.jpglanding -1 detail, 1990000020.jpglanding -1 detail, 1999landing.psdlanding -1, 1999, private collection300-landing2.psdlanding -2, 1990, private collection300-landing3.psdlanding -3, 1992, privete collection300-landing.psdlanding -4, 1992, private collection

photos: Asano Hiroyoshi, Sakurako Matsushima

Object - bamboo work -
These are coiled shape works. A special bamboo from Myanmar is used because of the extraordinarily long distance between the knots. A model using thin tape is first made. The bamboo is split into long thin strips. Using the strips, a frame is made that becomes the outside of the coil. Through the cut surface and overlapping bamboo strips, the vitality and momentum can be felt.

P1040837.JPGspiraled, Urushi Art Festival, Fukushima, 2011, collection: Minneapolis Institute of ArtsP1040834.JPGspiraled, 2011P1070984.JPGspiraled, 2011P1040829.jpgspiraled, 2011P1040839.jpgspiraled, 2011DSC_2755_2.JPGovertones -1, 2004
DSC_2760.JPGovertones -1, 2004DSC_4382.JPGovertones - 4 DSC_0994.JPGovertones -3DSC_0977.JPGovertones -2

DSC_0991.JPGovertones detailDSC_0993.JPGovertones detail
DSC_4326.JPGovertones -5P1020255.JPGsolo exhibition, Gallery Kunugi, Tokyo, 2009P1050123.JPGsolo show, Urushi Art Festival, Fukushima, 2010P1050181.jpgsolo show, Urushi Art Festival, Fukushima, 2010DSC01033.JPGsolo show, Galerie Pousse, 2003P1020245_2.jpgGallery Kunugi, Tokyo, 2009

photos: Asano Hiroyoshi, Sakurako Matsushima

Object - kanshitsu -
I constantly try to expand the potential of kanshitsu urushi with its lightness and shaping possibilities. These works are from 1994-2000.

000001.jpgkanshitsu work, Galerie Pousse, 1995000014.jpgkanshitsu work, Kanagawa Prefectural Hall, 1995000010.jpgkanshitsu work, Galerie Pousse, 1995200-076.psdkanshitsu work, Galerie Pousse, 1995200-071.psdkanshitsu work, Galerie Pousse, 1993200-075.psdkanshitsu work, Galerie Pousse, 1995
000007.jpgkanshitsu work, Kanagawa Prefectural Hall, 1995DSC00020.jpgkanshitsu workDSC00029.jpgkanshitsu workDSC00026.jpgkanshitsu workDSC00025.GIFkanshitsu workDSC00021.GIFkanshitsu work

photos: Asano Hiroyoshi, Sakurako Matsushima